| collection of miscellaneous work
Jun 14 + | toolstack: everything and anything

A repository containing all of my software experiments: algorithm implementations, interesting visualizations, and projects undertaken to learn more about a particular language, framework, or whatever else.


| source code search engine
Mar - Jul 14 | toolstack: Python, SASS, JS, MySQL

Developed a semantic source code search engine that crawls code from various online frameworks, extracts its metadata, parses it, and finally lets users search through it with a robust, custom query language.

  • demo’d at the Sep. ‘14 New York Tech Meetup (video)

large pixel collider

| proof-of-concept graphics engine
Feb - Jul 14 | toolstack: C

Developed a proof-of-concept graphics engine from the ground up. Using only the SDL media library for simple pixel plotting, it implemented line rasterization, shape creation, transformations, curves, polygonal rendering, z-buffering, and a number of other features.


| personal portfolio site
Aug - Oct 14 + | toolstack: Jekyll, Ruby, SASS

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